Cat barrier has no wires, and no electric current, it is completely safe and will not cause harm to your cat, wildlife, or little curious hands that may reach up and touch the system. Containing your cat is not only the best way to keep your cat safe, but it also protects native wildlife living in neighbouring parks and reserves. Please contact us for prices and orders on phone: 77 77 22 99 or email: 






Dimensions: By giving the Length we make a rough estimate of how many cat barriers you need for your fence.
1m = 100cm


Cat Barrier


Colour Availability: We currently have 3 colours available in stock. We also have more colour selections available to pre-order. Select the red colour above if you want to pre-order a colour from the catalog. You can tell us the desired colour name to pre-order when we visit your side.

Please click here for the full colour catalog.