EuroFence designed the zig zag profile for fencing. It has a bold, striking appearance that looks identical on both sides of the fence. Its distinct flowing lines appear similar to fence palings, they are visually attractive yet provide the strength and security necessary for fencing.

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Length & Height


Dimensions: By giving the Length and Height we make a rough estimate of how many panels you need.

Gate Panel: If you need a gate panel too, please create a gate panel instant quote here .




Colour Availability: We currently have 3 colours available in stock. We also have more colour selections available to pre-order. Select the red colour above if you want to pre-order a colour from the catalog. You can tell us the desired colour name to pre-order when we visit your side.

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Aluminium Decorative Balls

What is this: Aluminium Decorative Balls are placed at the top of the fence on each panel connection for decoration.

This is an optional selection.


What is this: A zincalume painted plinth is a smart alternative to a timber barge board that can be used as a boundary "WeedWall" or "Retaining Wall".

This is an optional selection.