Temporary fencing is an alternative to a permanent fence on a short or long term basis and needed for storage, public safety or security, crowd control, or theft deterrence.

Reasons You Need Rent-a-Fence

* Protecting the Public – whether it’s a new construction or demolition, or anything in between it is a dangerous place to members of the public.
* Traffic Control – an effective method of restricting vehicle access to sites full of hazards.
* Loss Prevention – of materials and equipment stored on sites.
* Animal Protection – to protect both wild and domestic animals.
* Legal Liability – avoid legal liability of someone being injured or something being damaged as a result of those activities.

Panel Size:

2.1 metres (H) x 2.65 metres (W) with 1.8-metre high mesh infill.

Rent-a-Fence Block Size:

600mm x 220mm x 150mm
Weighing approximately 36kg

Price on Application