The 3D Lattice Screen top is available as an option with your new fence or as a 300mm extension to your existing fence. It comes in a range of colors and is an attractive and durable way to add privacy and security while allowing the light and breeze to filter through.

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Length & Height


Dimensions: By giving the Length and Height we make a rough estimate of how many panels you need.

Gate Panel: If you need a gate panel too, please create a gate panel instant quote here .




Colour Availability: We currently have 3 colours available in stock. We also have more colour selections available to pre-order. Select the red colour above if you want to pre-order a colour from the catalog. You can tell us the desired colour name to pre-order when we visit your side.

Please click here for the full colour catalog.


Aluminium Decorative Balls

What is this: Aluminium Decorative Balls are placed at the top of the fence on each panel connection for decoration.

This is an optional selection.


What is this: A zincalume painted plinth is a smart alternative to a timber barge board that can be used as a boundary "WeedWall" or "Retaining Wall".

This is an optional selection.