Glass Panels are laminated glass which is layers of glass and a resin used as the interlayer. This and the pressure and heating process add to its strength making it 5 times stronger and 100 times stiffer than standard glass that can withstand any force without shattering and creating sharp edges.  Due to this property — along with its strength — Laminated glass is often referred to as ‘safety glass.’

Glass panels give a modern look without disrupting your view.  It is not affected by weather conditions and will never need any kind of maintenance.



Length & Height


Dimensions: By giving us Width and Length we make a rough estimate of the square meters of your glass panel. AxB=Square Meters


Glass Panel

Laminated Glass: Glass panels made from laminated glass which is safe because it is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter when broken.

Colour: You can select from three available colours: clear, opaque and tinted.



Glass Gate

Need a glass gate? If you need a glass gate select the check box on the left hand side to show up the dimensions.