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Instant Quote Instructions

Important! Only quotes with final acceptance will be processed. If you do not make final acceptance of your quote, it will still be available under your account in order to accept it on a later stage.

Instant Quote Instructions

Video Instructions – Create an Instant Quote with user registration

Where can I manage my account and see my instant quotes?

As soon as you create a new account, or if you register to an existing account, a new link appears on the top menu called “My account” and next to it there is a welcome message with your name. Click on “My account” link and a drop down menu will show up with the following selections “Profile“, “My Quotes“, “Sing Out“.

Account Instructions

Profile: When you click on the Profile link you will see your personal information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Address). You can change these information and click the “Update” button.


Important! Your email is the only detail you cannot change.

Account Instructions

My Quotes: When you click on “My Quotes” link you will see a list of all the instant quotes you have created. Next to each Instant Quote on the right hand side, you can see a view button () and a delete button (). If you click on the view button you will see the selected instant quote, and you can also accept it. If you click the delete button it will delete the instant quote.


Important! Delete button exists only for the non-accepted quotes while the accepted ones do not have a delete button.

Account Instructions


Why should I register an account to make an Instant Quote?

We made this process in order to help you manage easily your instant quotes. As soon as you register an account you will have access to all the Instant Quotes you have created and you can accept a quote whenever is convenient for you.


Do you afraid to create an account?

Unfortunately many people are afraid to create an account. You should not afraid to create an account with us, because there is no commitment with the account. We will not use your given information for other purpose or advertising.


Easy account process with minimum required information

We have made an easy registration process and we collect only the basic contact information. This information is necessary for us when you accept a quote and we have to contact you in order to create your desired construction.

After registration I have never received a registration email with my password

After your registration you should receive an email with title “Your Registration at Euro Fence“.

The email you will receive must look like the following screenshot:


If you cannot find this email please check in your email “Spam” or “Junk” folder because sometimes your email service might consider our emails as advertising emails and forward them into this folder.


If you still cannot find your email in this folder, please contact us to help you.