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General FAQ

General FAQ

Can I buy a Fence that has a different colour on each side?

We do not carry differently painted material as the cost would be prohibitive.

If you insist on having a different color on each side, Eurofence recommends you use two sheets, back to back.

Eurofence has sold fence panels that have been double sheeted and we have never received a complaint! However you & your neighbour must still agree upon a common frame color.

If a dog urinates on your Privacy Fence, will this cause corrosion?

Dog urine will reduce the life expectancy of your Fence. If the dog constantly uses the same area, it will cause corrosion. To minimise the effect of this behaviour, hose down the area frequently.

What are the standard heights for Privacy Fencing?

Standard Sizes:

900mm high

1200mm high

1800mm  high

Available upon request:

1500mm high

1650mm high

2100mm high  

We also make other sizes subject to relative surcharge. For 2100mm high panels there are certain installation procedures that must be followed.

What components do I need to make up a Fence Panel?

You will need:

One Panel Eg: 1500mm Eg: 1800mm
3 Sheets 3 1490mm High Sheets 3 1790mm High Sheets
2 Channel Post 2 2100mm High Channel Post 2 2400mm High Channel Post
2 Rails 2 2370mm Wide Rails 2 2370mm Wide Rails
15 Screws 15 Screws 15 Screws
Why should I choose Eurofence for my Boundary Fence?

Reasons to choose Eurofence

  • The GOOD side is BOTH sides – Both neighbors enjoy the same attractive view from both sides.
  • It puts an end to neighborhood complaints on who gets the good side.
  • The original symmetrical double sided fence.
  • Offers design flexibility for all your fencing applications.
  • Low maintenance.
  • You have a choice of 21 colors.